Facility Certification Standards

A facility is an organization, business, or private individual who houses wildcats.

Certification is a stamp of approval from FCF that states you meet or exceed various standards that promote welfare, conservation, regulation, safety and ethics.

  • The facility meets or exceeds the facility building recommendations and exhibits collection in species appropriate ways to promote natural behaviors.
  • The facility follows all local, state, and federal laws and has no major violations on recent inspection reports.
  • The facility has a positive educational message that promotes conservation and the values of FCF.
  • The facility has a substantial contingency/emergency plan, that at a minimum details protocols for an escaped animal, inclement weather, and medical emergency.
  • The facility has a plan in place in case of closure, death to owner, or the owner becomes unable to maintain collection.
  • The facility works closely with a veterinarian that is comfortable with the collection and has an agreed upon preventative medicine, end of life, and emergency medical plan.
  • The facility provides a well balanced nutritious diet and maintains records of animals health, husbandry, and history.
  • The facility uses positive reinforcement in all training programs and follows an enrichment plan.
  • The facility has protocols in place for acquisition, disposition, and quarantine.
  • The facility has protocols in place that verifies outside entities doing business with the facility has the same moral and ethical values that align with the mission and vision of FCF.
  • If the facility allows contact with the public there are proper protocols in place for the safety of the public and the welfare of the animal.